The Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Haemochromatosis Support Group

What Is Haemochromatosis?

Haemochromatosis, or GH (Genetic Haemochromatosis, is a very common genetic disorder.   People with haemochromatosis absorb too much iron from their diet.   The excess iron is stored in the body. Over time this leads to iron overload.

About 1 in 200 people of northern European origin have the genetic risk for haemochromatosis. We all know that not enough iron causes health problems but few realise that for some, too much iron is also a problem.   If undetected and untreated, the excess iron can cause organ or tissue damage and can sometimes be fatal.

Both sexes are at risk from haemochromatosis.   The good news is that if haemochromatosis is detected before damage occurs, it can be easily treated and is no barrier to a happy and successful life.

Iron is essential for growth and development.

If you have recently been diagnosed, you will, no doubt, have lots of questions and the Support Group is here to help.